For both tenants and landlords, it’s important to know the rights and duties that Maine state law imposes on you, and the protections you have when an issue arises. Ranger Copeland French takes pride in providing you not only with this guidance, but representation and a legal voice when you find yourself in a compromising position. Affordable and swift results are crucial to most clients, and we understand that. In an area of law where litigation is typically the least favorable alternative, we strive to implement amicable, innovative, and even unconventional solutions.

Some of the more common landlord/tenant matters we handle are:

  • Landlord/Tenant Rights & Duties
  • Evictions/Forcible Entry & Detainer Actions
  • Rent Obligations
  • Lease Breaches & Disputes
  • Notices & Rights of Entry
  • Federal, State, & Municipal Ordinances
  • Small Claims
  • Disclosures
  • Third Party Rights

Have you just been served with eviction papers? Do you have a tenant who is in breach of their rental lease? Call us today.

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